Smart antenna: what was old and now smart again

Nowadays, most of you have already heard of “cord cutting”, alternative ways to save money from the ever-rising monthly subscription fee to the traditional pay-tv companies such as cable and satellite companies.

To substantially and legally save your money, the best way is to use an antenna to watch TV for free. Although more than 10 million US households already watch TV through such an antenna, still the majority seems to hesitate to use an antenna, probably because of the typical difficulties listed below:

  1. Not easy to install: most people ignorantly install their antenna next to the TV, mostly because of the Déjà vu from the era of analog TV with a built-in rabbit-ear TV antenna. This is a very typical mistake when installing an antenna. There should be much more technical consideration to decide a spot to install your antenna in order to watch your TV better. Otherwise, you will end up blaming your guiltless antenna for your poor reception.
  2. The always-puzzling antenna reception: an antenna is a complicated product. In general, a high-cost roof antenna can outperform a low-cost indoor antenna. But are you willing to install a roof antenna through a professional antenna installation service, or do you dare to climb up to your roof by yourself?
  3. The grandfathered watching pattern: with your antenna, you have to sit in front of the TV, connected with the antenna at a specific time to watch your favorite show, which is not the typical way we watch something anymore. Nowadays, we watch something from many devices including smart phones, tablets, and of course TV through streaming boxes, virtually at anytime and at anyplace.

In other words, what if an antenna could overcome the three major handicaps without any monthly subscription fee, are we ready to welcome such an antenna with open arms? Then what kind of antenna would it be? The answer is below.

  1. Smart installation: what if an app could tell you a better spot in your home to install your antenna? And to make this better, what if there is no line from the antenna to the TV so that we can be totally free to install your antenna virtually at any better spot in your home? Not to mention, it is an indoor antenna, so you wouldn’t have to climb up to your roof any more.
  2. Better TV reception: what if the antenna could competitively perform a market-leading indoor antenna, regardless of its installed location? Then based on the combination of the better installation, you could be confident with your TV reception. To make this more irresistible, what if you could keep using your existing roof antenna along with this?
  3. Watching live TV as the way you watch: what if you could watch your live TV including the national TV’s such as ABC, CBS, NAB, FOX, and PBS through your smart phones, tablet, and your TV, virtually at anytime for free?

All you need to do is to download an app, and install the antenna at the better spot as the app guided you. Don’t bother about the line from antenna to TV, because the antenna does not have it. And sit back to watch TV through your phones, tablets and/or favorite streaming boxes such as Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, Google Nexus Play, Chromecast and so on. Then do we have such a smart antenna? The answer is yes. We write this antenna as “smart antenna” and read it as “WatchAir”, dreamed and made by EPICT. For more details, please stay tuned.

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