EPICT Kickstarts “Ultimate Cord Cutting” Tech

EPICT Kickstarts “Ultimate Cord Cutting” Tech

By SV Staff • Posted: Aug 19, 2016

On Tuesday, Irvine, CA-based startup Epict launched its WatchAir Smart HDTV Antenna on Kickstarter. Less than four days later the company had already funded 97 percent of its $50,000 goal with 29 days to spare. Not too shabby.

The system is a portable TV antenna/tuner that live streams TV over Wi-Fi to app-enabled smartphones, tablets, major brand smart TVs, and a number of streaming sticks/boxes, including Roku and Chromecast.Priced at $249, WatchAir is built around a compact amplified antenna said to receive high-band VHF, low-band VHF, and UHF signals up to 60 miles away. The system has a TV guide and supports recording with 7 GB of built-in storage—enough for a 5-hour HD program—which can be augmented with an additional 32 GB through a Micro SD or USB 2.0 slot, allowing up to 25 hours of recording.The antenna has an integral bracket designed for quick, temporary mounting on walls and windows.Pledge levels range from $149 to $349 and Epict is targeting October for delivery.

“We wanted to design a complete product that doesn’t require additional, separately-sold devices like an ATSC TV tuner and a streaming and recording device,” said Justin Park, Epict CEO. “With WatchAir, we hope to not only make our consumers’ viewing experience more enjoyable and stress-free but also provide a more economical value in total price to own, functionality and quality, compared with any other HD antenna, DVR devices, ATSC tuners and app available in the market.”

For more information, visit kickstarter.com.

View the WatchAir video

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