Five Tips To Make Your WatchAir Better

Since WatchAir extensively uses wireless connections from a transmission tower all the way to your TV, many unwanted wireless sources can interfere with WatchAir’s streaming. Here are five tips to use your WatchAir more reliably by minimizing those unwanted interferences.

Tip #1: Update the latest WatchAir software

  • Why does this matter? WatchAir software is THE core in WatchAir technology, which is sometimes called “firmware” because it is installed inside of WatchAir antenna. It is always important to update the latest WatchAir software. The latest one is 1.8.0.
  • How? Open WatchAir mobile app (iOS or Android), go to “Settings”, then “Support”, and click “Check Software”. Then your WatchAir mobile app will automatically install the latest WatchAir software.

Tip #2: Minimize electrical interference around WatchAir

  • Why does this matter? TV transmission signal is more fragile than cellular phone or WiFi signal. We always need an extra care to minimize this unwanted interference to TV transmission signal.
  • How? Actually, this is easy.  When you install WatchAir on your window, avoid mosquito screens, anti-UV films or coatings, and double-pane windows. For any wall installation, please knock the spot you want to try. If the spot makes a hollow sound, it’s good to go. If not, this indicates that there is something beneath the spot, such as a steel beam or concrete, which is not good for WatchAir. And please remember this golden rule when you choose a WatchAir installation spot; the higher, the better.

Tip #3: Move WatchAir closer to your WiFi router

  • Why does this matter? Your WiFi speed will be dramatically decreased if you are surrounded by more than 10 WiFi access point routers including yours and others. So does WatchAir.
  • How? Please move WatchAir within 20 feet and in a line of sight of your WiFi router for reliable streaming quality. Note that this is one of the most common root causes for unreliable streaming through WatchAir.

Tip #4: Find the best WiFi channel for your WiFi router

  • Why does this matter? Your WiFi router selects one WiFi channel just like you select one lane in a multi-lane highway when you drive. As we would do on a highway, your WiFi router can choose a less crowded channel, which can be manually selected by a tool called a WiFi Analyzer, as below. This should be very good for not only WatchAir but also for all other WiFi devices that use your WiFi router.
  • How? Google to find a good WiFi analyzer software. One good summary can be found at

Tip #5: Boost your WiFi router

  • Why does this matters? Since live video streaming requires a stronger WiFi connection than recorded video streaming, you may want to boost your WiFi router, instead of buying a new WiFi router. In this case, a WiFi extender is a perfect choice, especially for a WiFi fading-away area. This should be very good for not only WatchAir but also for all other WiFi devices that use your WiFi router.
  • How? Try Amazon for a good WiFi extender. Among many good WiFi extenders out there, we recommend the Netgear N300, which costs less than $30.

That’s all. We hope these tips help to make your WatchAir better.

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