Software Beta Tester Needed

Since our industry-first introduction in 2016, WatchAir has been fascinating many cord cutters. But it is also true that the actual development of such a beautiful concept had been bumpy. Now we believe we did our homework for several notorious issues in WatchAir, and our answers will be released in our latest software 1.8.1. Before its official release, we want to make sure everything as much as possible. This is why we need your help. Here is how you can help us.

1. Few important things about our software beta testing

  • Not for next-gen WatchAir but for the current WatchAir: until we can be confident of the current WatchAir, we will hold any beta testing activity for next-gen WatchAir. For those who applied to beta testing for next-gen WatchAir, please bear with us, and welcome to join this beta testing for the current WatchAir. Again, we have no specific schedule for next-gen WatchAir beta testing.
  • Beta for WatchAir software, not for WatchAir app: WatchAir software is the software for WatchAir device, which is not a WatchAir app. Please note that testers will keep using the current WatchAir app but with our new WatchAir software, except Android mobile app. So no new app release and no new hardware revision, just focusing on its reliability over extensive situations based on the new WatchAir software.
  • No free WatchAir sample for this beta testing: only current WatchAir user can join this beta testing.
  • This is an ongoing event: whenever we release our WatchAir software and WatchAir app even including our next-gen WatchAir, we’ll ask our beta testers to test our new release before our public release from now on. The testing hours and testing intensity can be totally decided by each beta tester. Of course, we plan a humble token of our appreciation for each contribution.

2. How to join software beta testing

  • Sign-up the beta testing form: anyone who has WatchAir can join this beta testing by clicking the link below to sign up. Then we will contact you through emails to provide our WatchAir testing app.
  • When to start: the new WatchAir software 1.8.1 testing will begin by this  Sunday (Oct 15). The testing should be done within seven days at most.
  • How to report: you can simply email us a ticket at, or fill out a test report we’ll provide later.

Happy Cordcutitng, Happy WatchAir

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