What’s Next in 2017?

Despite WatchAir’s tremendous potential, our industry-first innovation has often been eclipsed by its chronic software issues. Finally, our persistent efforts to cope with these issues has resulted in our new WatchAir software 1.8.3, which has been happily tested by about 50 beta testers. If you haven’t used WatchAir in a while, it is time to dust your old disappointments off from WatchAir with our new 1.8.3 WatchAir software.

1. What’s improved?

  • More reliable network connection
  • More reliable streaming
  • More reliable rebooting and software updating 
  • Better memory management
  • No size limitation for micro SD card: welcome to use anything bigger than 32GB SD cards!
  • No recording hour limitation: now you can record any four-hour-long sports event!

2. How to update?

  • Automatic software updating over the internet
    • As long as WatchAir is connected to your WiFi router, simply open the WatchAir app on your mobile device. Then, the software 1.8.3 will be automatically updated.
    • You may experience some stops or freezes in the middle of the WatchAir software update, due to the prior issues in the previous WatchAir software. If so, please send us your ticket to us at ticket@watchairtv.com, or try a manual software update as below.
  • A manual software updating by using a micro SD card

3. What’s next?

  • Stage 1: the new SW is preloaded for sales. As of today, any brand new WatchAir from Amazon and our website will have this fresh new SW.
  • Stage 2: cleaning our app. As our quarterback, WatchAir software, gets stronger than ever before, next, it’s time to make our receiver, WatchAir app, tougher. We’ll clean remaining issues within the app so that WatchAir’s software and app can be more harmonized than ever before. Seemingly, we’ll finish this by the of this year, one app by one app.
  • Stage 3: we’ll have some funs. Our innovative dream for WatchAir had been trapped by these software issues. We’ll let them come true out of our dreams. Please bear with us as we undertake this journey together in making these innovative dreams come true.

Happy CordCuttng, Happy WatchAir

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