Resonian: The New Joint Venture to Lead WatchAir® powered by Hang & Watch™ Technology

Resonian: The New Joint Venture to Lead WatchAir® powered by Hang & Watch™ Technology

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 25, 2017 — EPICT INC. and SEERS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. embark on a joint venture, RESONIAN INC., to provide the wireless smart antenna business leadership with their joint forces.

EPICT INC. and SEERS TECHNOLOGY had created the industry-first wireless smart antenna as two independent companies. Now they combined their strengths to create a joint venture company, RESONIAN INC to unify the leadership in both business and technology. RESONIAN INC., who leads WatchAir® business in the US, while SEERS TECHNOLOGY leads the full ownership of technical responsibility as the headquarter of research and development for WatchAir®.

“Seers Technology has played a critical role in bringing the innovative WatchAir concept to the real world. This strategic partnership with Seers Technology will enable us to offer more stabilized technical momentum to focus on the fast-growing cord-cutting market in the US,” said Justin Sang Park, CEO of EPICT, INC. “This is the natural step for the future of WatchAir, Hang & Watch™ Technology, and we’re pleased to unify WatchAir’s foundation.”

Luke Youngshin Lee, CEO of SEERS TECHNOLOGY, said, “This announcement marks an important turning point for the future of WatchAir by technically centralizing WatchAir in SEERS TECHNOLOGY.”

Moving forward, RESONIAN INC. will lead WatchAir® business, with Justin Sang Park as the CEO of RESONIAN INC., while SEERS TECHNOLOGY provides WatchAir® with consolidated technical resources continuously under the leadership of Luke Youngshin Lee.

About RESONIAN INC.: Founded in 2017, RESONIAN, the creator of WatchAir®, has been leading Hang & Watch Technology™ based on the industry-first innovative wireless patented technologies to allow consumers to watch over-the-air live HDTV on their smart devices directly from its wireless smart antenna. For more information, please see or follow its Facebook page at



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