Our Receivers Are Ready To Play

Over the last six months, our persistent software updates successfully improved our quarterback, WatchAir firmware, and then our wide receivers, our mobile apps. The last one will be our running backs, TV apps. You can also find more updates about WatchAir.

1. Six down and one to go: our software updates successfully quashed all critical issues in WatchAir firmware, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and recently Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. Roku is the last one we are currently focusing on, which we plan to finish by the end of this month.

2. “TV over IP” is coming: watching live TV out of doors.

  • Using this feature, you can watch and record your live TV out of doors, as long as your WiFi router supports “uPNP” feature, which is a very commonly supported by most WiFi routers.
  • This feature will be released very soon as a beta service in Android phone first. After sufficient beta testing, it will be extended to iOS app later.
  • Please note this is only for personal usage. No support for any corporate or commercial usage for public retransmission.

3. A brand-new website is also coming: watching live TV out of doors.

  • Our new playground: more strategically centralized website is coming. This will be the headquarter of our playground.
  • A glitch caused by the database migration: we had a glitch in our database migration for the new website. It intermittently happened between Mar 31st and April 4th. If you experienced any unexpected response from WatchAir, it should be caused by this glitch. Even few customers need to register WatchAir account again. Very sorry for this inconvenience.

4. Getting help: Our customer support gets smarter and smarter. Whenever you need some help to use WatchAir, please send your email at ticket@watchairtv.com to contact our customer support.

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