Our Story So Far

The first concept of WatchAir was planted in Sept 2014. Although WatchAir core members had fully experienced many worldwide free-to-air product projects, the birth of WatchAir was not easy. The overwhelmingly integrated hardware design was a huge challenge at the beginning. In spite of our decent success at our Kickstarter campaign in 2016, we had not fully realized what kind of software challenges we had to cope with. Yes, WatchAir had a quite exciting adventure over a bumpy road for a while. Now, we can persistently confirm it is time for us to move forward with our vision, Hang & Watch, which we had been dreaming about since the first day of WatchAir.  

The First WatchAir Working Prototype

Sampled and tested in July 2015

Our Vision: Hang & Watch


Cable/ Satellite TV

Call & Watch


OTT Streaming TV

Connect & Watch


OTA Antenna TV

Hang &… Scratch?

Hang & Watch

Our vision is quite simple: making antenna TV as convenient as cable TV or streaming TV, because watching TV using an antenna usually needs to wrestle with many hassles. If we can make antenna TV as easy as in cable TV or streaming TV, this can simply make the cordcutting complete. So far, we already achieved several innovative breakthroughs. But this is not enough. So we are wide open for strategic partnership to expedite our vision. If you or your company can match together, we’ll always welcome you, and feel free to contact us. TIA.

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