How To Wirelessly Connect WatchAir

Find A Better Spot

On your mobile device, the WatchAir app lets you find a good installation spot by using our GPS-based live guide.

Select WatchAir in WiFi

Select WatchAir at WiFi selection on your "Settings" app. Then, on WatchAir app, select your WiFi router again.

Scan Your Live TV Channels

Scan your local live channels on WatchAir mobile app. No need to repeat this when you start using other devices.

Sit Back & Watch

All done! Just watch local live TV on mobile device, or simply login WatchAir app on other devices. No need to repeat this setup.

  • Please note that WatchAir should be connected to your primary WiFi router that is directly connected to your internet from your wall, not to any secondary WiFi router that is connected to your primary WiFi router.
  • For the best performance, we strongly recommend to locate WatchAir at a line of sight to your WiFi router within 50 feet.