You Need A Test Drive.

  • Do you know TV reception over the air is different at each location?
  • A better antenna can help your TV reception, but none of any antenna can completely resolve the inherent TV reception at your location.
  • Understanding your inherent TV reception is very important because you can decide what kind of antenna you try, or even not try anyone.
  • Your inherent TV reception can be found in DTV Reception Map by FCC. Please use your full address, not your ZIP code.

Wireless Streaming Through Your WiFi Router

  1. Live TV received from a TV tower is wirelessly streamed to your WiFi router by using 2.4GHz MIMO WiFi connection.
  2. The connection between your WiFi router and Samsung Smart TV is up to you. It can be either 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi or even a wired connection through Ethernet.
  3. Then WatchAir app installed on Samsung Smart TV receives the live TV streaming through your WiFi router.

How To Watch & Record

  • Finding a TV program you want: there are many ways to find your TV program by using search menu, genre filter, or Netflix-like sliding menu. A conventional TV schedule guide can be also found when you push the "Up" button on your remote control while you watch any live TV on TV screen.
  • How To Watch: It's quite simple. Please click the play button once you find a TV program to watch.
  • How To Record: Please click the record button once you find a TV program to record. You can find your recorded programs or recording schedule at "Recording".

How To Wirelessly Connect WatchAir

Find A Better Spot

On your mobile device, the WatchAir app lets you find a good installation spot by using our GPS-based live guide.

Select WatchAir in WiFi

Select WatchAir at WiFi selection on your "Settings" app. Then, on WatchAir app, select your WiFi router again.

Scan Your Live TV Channels

Scan your local live channels on WatchAir mobile app. No need to repeat this when you start using other devices.

Sit Back & Watch

All done! Just watch local live TV on mobile device, or simply login WatchAir app on other devices. No need to repeat this setup.

  • Please note that WatchAir should be connected to your primary WiFi router that is directly connected to your internet from your wall, not to any secondary WiFi router that is connected to your primary WiFi router.
  • For the best performance, we strongly recommend to locate WatchAir at a line of sight to your WiFi router within 50 feet.