Virtual Test Drive

Check your inherent TV reception before anything.

There are three major factors to decide TV reception; a distance between a TV tower and an antenna, the natural topography on the distance, and man-made objects around your antenna. A good TV antenna can boot your TV reception, but any antenna cannot resolve your inherent TV reception resulted by topographical barriers such as mountains or valleys. So you need to find out your inherent TV reception first so that you can have a basic expectation about your TV reception before trying any antenna including WatchAir.

While we are renovating our advanced virtual test drive tool as seen next, we strongly recommend “DTV Reception Maps” provided by FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which is one of the golden references. Please note that the simulated result does not include interferences by man-made objects. So your actual reception won’t be same but close enough with a good antenna. Please try your full address, not only your ZIP code.

Find My Inherent TV Reception at FCC


Frequently Answered Questions

I live outside the US. Can I use WatchAir?
No, WatchAir is currently available in the US only. We do have a plan for Canada soon.
Can I use WatchAir in my attic?
WatchAir is designed to be used as an indoor antenna. The operation temperature of WatchAir is 32F ~ 104F. We do not recommend it unless the temperature of your location is always in this range.
When do I need to turn off the antenna power amplification?

First, when you use your own antenna with its own power amplification, you'd better turn off the power amplification in WatchAir. Second, if your location is too close to a transmission tower, you’d better turn it off, because you have good enough power from the tower. You can turn it on and off from our app when you go to “Settings” > “Channel” > “Antenna Power”

Do I have to have the internet to use WatchAir?
Yes. To receive over-the-air TV signals from a transmission tower to WatchAir antenna, you don’t need the internet at all. But to show you those channels on your smart devices, we use rich data such as a poster image and more detail information for each TV program, which should be downloaded from the internet. Although its data size is quite small, say several megabytes, it’s one of the critical components of WatchAir. Therefore, you need the internet connection.
How many channels am I supposed to watch with WatchAir?

One of the best answers can be found in the FCC’s DTV Reception Maps ( Try your TV reception with your full address, not your ZIP code. If you are using an indoor antenna, you may get mostly “Strong” channels. You may get less “Weak” channels if you are using a good antenna or your location inherently has less interference caused by man-made objects, such as buildings or houses.

How do I remove the WatchAir mounting bracket?
Please carefully use a hair dryer to heat one specific corner of the adhesive tape to pull the mount off from the corner.
How can I get more help about WatchAir?

Sure, there are many ways to get help from us as below.

  1. On your Watchair mobile app, please click “Email us” on “Settings” > “Support” menu.
  2. On our Website, please click the red “Support” button at any time or use the “Customer Support” form on our "Support" menu.
  3. Or simply send your email to us at When you send your email, please send your registered email for your WatchAir account for faster processing.
What is the meaning of the LED ring light?
  • Solid red: updating WatchAir firmware. (Please DO NOT Power off)
  • Solid green: rebooting (Please DO NOT Power off)
  • Blinking blue: ready to be connected so that you can find WatchAir SSID on “Settings” app.
  • Spinning blue: connecting so that you can find your WiFi router on WatchAir app.
  • Solid blue: fully connected so that you can watch your local live TV on WatchAir app.
Please note that the LED should go back "Blinking blue" or "Solid blue" after its rebooting. If not, please contact WatchAir Tech Support Team.
WatchAir SSID password is not accepted. Please help.
Because you probably have one of two reasons as below.
  • If your SSID has “0” in its name, it is “zero”, not “alphabet O”. So please enter your password without alphabet O.
  • Or at the moment, smartphones temporarily lost the internet connection. So please answer "OK" if your phone would ask you. If you still have this issue, please turn on "Airplane mode", and then turn on WiFi connection only for this setup.
I got stuck in the middle of the initial setup. How can I reset everything and start over?
  1. Please uninstall the current WatchAir app, and reboot your mobile device. Please install WatchAir app again.
  2. Please unplug and replug the power cord to WatchAir antenna. When the LED ring light gets blinking blue, it is ready to start over. If the LED ring is solid blue and you still have the same network issue, you need a hardware reset.
  3. If you buy WatchAir other than Amazon, you have to manually update your WatchAir software. Please download the latest WatchAir software and a video instruction from our website.
WatchAir app sent me to Setting app to select WatchAir SSID in WiFi networking. But I can't find WatchAir SSID.
  • When WatchAir LED light is blinking blue, but no SSID listing on your WiFi networking, your WatchAir is installed too far away from your WiFi router. Please relocate WatchAir closer to your WiFi router.
  • When WatchAir LED light is solid blue, it is normal when WatchAir SSID is not listed in your WiFi networking. Please go back to WatchAir app and wait for a while to go to next steps. If nothing happens when you get back to WatchAir mobile app, you'd better do a hardware reset.
How can I reset WatchAir?
Option 1. Remote Hardware Reset by using WatchAir app when WatchAir is connected
  • If WatchAir LED light is "solid blue" and you can watch your live TV through your WatchAir, you can do this remote factory data reset by clicking "Settings" > "Support" > "Factory Data Reset".
  • Then you will see the red LED light for a while, and WatchAir will be rebooted. When the LED goes to "blinking blue", your WatchAir is ready to be connected.
Option 2. Manual Hardware Reset when WatchAir is disconnected
  • If your WatchAir is not currently connected to your WiFi router, this is how to do the manual hardware reset for WatchAir.
  • Identify the reset hole at the left side of the USB port on the left side of WatchAir’s smart bar.
  • Using something long and sharp such as a paper clip or a dress pin, please keep pushing the hole until you see a "five-second-long solid red" LED light. The "five-second-long solid red" light is very important. If you cannot see this, your hardware reset should be failed. For example, you might not be pushing the hole at the right angle.
  • Stop pushing the reset hole when you see this "five-second-long" solid red.
  • Then WatchAir will reboot with a green light. After rebooting, LED goes "blinking blue" again. your WatchAir is ready to be connected.
How can I update WatchAir software manually?
First, you need your own micro SD memory card to do this. At the end of the “Support” page on our website, you can download a ZIP file, where you can find full instructions, a demo video, and the latest WatchAir software package.
WatchAir only supports 802.11 bgn (2.4GHz) but not 802.11 AC (5GHz). Is this correct?
Yes and no. 802.11 bgn (2.4GHz) is used only between WatchAir and your WiFi router. Regarding the WiFi connection between your WiFi router and your smart devices, you can use 802.11 AC (5GHz) if your devices can support 802.11 AC (5GHz).
How can I download WatchAir app for my Amazon Fire TV?
  • First, make sure Amazon Fire TV has the latest OS. If Fire TV main menu is not horizontally arranged on the top of your screen, your Amazon Fire TV has an old Fire OS, earlier than Fire OS 5.2.X. If so, please update Amazon Fire TV software first.
  • Please select "Search" on your Amazon Fire TV, and type "WatchAir". Then you will see it so that you can download WatchAir app on Amazon Fire TV.
  • Once you download it, please login the app by using the same login information you used for your WatchAir mobile App.
Why can’t I login to my WatchAir TV app on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android TV?
In general, you need to finish your initial setup from your WatchAir mobile app first, including networking, channel scanning, and channel guide download. And then login WatchAir TV app.
What is the storage capacity of micro SD card?

External micro SD card (SDXC) up to 2TB for about 1,400 hours of recording.

Can I use my SSD or HDD with WatchAir?

Yes, as long as it is USB 2.0 compatible and it needs maximally 3.5 Watt power. Please note that SSD usually requires 2.5 Watt, while HDD does 5 to 10 Watts. Simply speaking, a USB memory stick and an SSD can be used with WatchAir. But HDD can be used only if it has an additional power line to an outlet.

I can’t find a TV schedule on my WatchAir Roku app. Is there any TV schedule?

While you are watching live TV through WatchAir, push the "Up" button on the Roku remote control. Then push the "Down" button to browse the TV schedule guide or to exit from it. To accommodate all different hardware performance for Roku devices from Roku 2 to Roku premier, this is the simplest TV schedule guide we have for WatchAir as of now.

I can’t find a TV schedule on my WatchAir Amazon Fire TV app. Is there any TV schedule?

While you are watching live TV through WatchAir, push the "Up" or "Down" button on your Amazon Fire TV remote control. Then the TV schedule guide window will pop up. Please push the "Back" button to exit.

I can’t find a TV schedule on my WatchAir Android TV app. Is there any TV schedule?

While you are watching live TV through WatchAir, push the "Up" or "Down" button on your Android TV remote control. Then the TV schedule guide window will pop up. Please push the "Back" button to exit.

My WatchAir scanned N channels. But why am I watching less than N channels?

Your available channel list, called active channels, is finalized by “pairing” your scanned channels with the corresponding channel data from our 3rd-party partner. We sometimes see a mismatch in this pairing, which results in less active channels than initially scanned channels. If you find such a mismatch in your location, please report us the mismatch by sending your email so that we can request our partner to fill the gap. When you send your email, please send your registered email for your WatchAir account for faster processing. In general, the gap will be filled within five to seven business days.

Can I simultaneously watch my TV over two devices?

Partially yes for some use cases as below. Shortly answering, if you watch/record one live channel with one recorded file, you can watch them. If you watch/record two live channels, you cannot do it. For more clarification, please check the following table.

Can I watch and record my live TV when I am away from my home?

This feature is called TV over IP service. TV over IP will be available only on WatchAir mobile app to enable the following use cases as below:

  1. Watching local live TV program
  2. Watching recorded local TV program
  3. Requesting local live TV program recording

This service is not available as of now. A beta service will be released soon. Also, this service can only be allowed under the following conditions.

  1. WatchAir device should be connected to your main WiFi router, not to any secondary WiFi router.
  2. WiFi router needs to support uPnP or port forwarding, which is a typical feature for WiFi routers.
  3. The streaming resolution may not be HD quality due to unexpected traffic over the internet.
  4. Only allowed for personal usage
    • When you are out of your home network to use this service, your our mobile device needs to be connected to a personal WiFi router or LTE connection, because a corporate or public WiFi connection will not usually allow this private streaming. When LTE is used, please be aware of its data consumption.
    • No public rebroadcasting: Only your own mobile devices will be allowed to access this service. Please note that it is illegal to retransmit TV contents to the public without paying the transmission fee to broadcasters.



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